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Be'eri Will
Rise Again

On the morning of October 7, 2023, Kibbutz Be'eri was destroyed and its residents were massacred by Hamas. Now we must come together to rebuild our homes, our community and our lives.

Be'eri massacre

In the early hours of Saturday, October 7, 2023, our beautiful Kibbutz was attacked by dozens of Hamas terrorists who infiltrated the Kibbutz, murdered and kidnapped dozens of community members, burned houses and turned it into rubble.


The friendly and welcoming Beeri community was left shocked, horrified and mourning. The loss is unbearable to carry, and now we are facing an impossible mission – to rebuild and restore the flourishing Kibbutz that was our home. 


This website was built by the Be'eri community itself, and every donation will reach the Kibbutz’s bank account directly. Your donation will allow us – the Kibbutz members who are left – to rebuild the community, rehabilitate our lives and continue to spread the light of Be'eri. 

These donations will be added to the support given to us by Bank Leumi, which will be accompanying the Kibbutz until it recovers.


Thank you for your support and humanity.

The Be'eri community

Donations will go directly towards rehabilitation efforts and aid for Kibbutz members. For example:

Offering help in other ways

At this point, the Kibbutz members are swamped with the love and assistance of many dear friends. The donations will help us rebuild our Kibbutz and our homes, but we are a strong community and have a lot of educational, emotional and logistical support. Thank you for offering your help!

Who will handle the donations?

Every donation will be sent directly to the Kibbutz Be'eri bank account. The website was built with the support of Bank Leumi, and the links are verified and secure. For any questions, get in touch with the Be'eri fundraising team at +972-54-714-8336 or

Help Us
Save Be'eri

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